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1. Cellular Rescue Collagen Eye Mask 5pairs x 3.3ml

Stacked with collagen, peptides and a stem cell complex

that structurally mimics skin’s own natural collagen fibers,

these serum-saturated masks brighten tired eyes and softens the signs of aging.


2. Radiant Eye Uplifting Complex 15ml
A triple-targeting eye complex with Persian Silk Tree and Holy Herb that lifts and tones, smoothes wrinkles and diminishes dark circles for a rested, refreshed look.


• Improves dark circles.

• Tones, lifts and plumps fine lines and crow’s feet.

• Infuses the entire eye area with moisture.

• Stimulates collagen and elastin to keep the entire

eye area lifted.

• Deeply healing. Protects against cell and protein

damage that causes puffiness and fatigue.

• Shields eyes against future damage.


Eye Uplifting Gift Set

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