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At Dermagram INSTITUT, we believe that inner balance is where true beauty begins, adhering to the Swiss philosophy that physical health is just as important to a person's overall wellness as skincare that calms and balances. Our safe formulations feature clean, pure ingredients, developed in Switzerland, which also prides itself on technological advances and strict quality control. Treatments at Dermagram INSTITUT use top beauty equipment to enhance the effectiveness of its products to gently improve the skin quality of customers. We seek to deliver tailored, responsive and reassuring service so that every client leaves feeling like the best version of themselves. We do not promise miraculous cures and quick-fixes, we promise nourishing, healthy programs that suit even the most sensitive skins

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Who We Are

Our objective is to welcome every customer with genuine care, and a personalized and warm experience distinctly with a human touch. Our greatest asset is our people - a happy customer depends on the united efforts of a cooperative team, and we value the importance of each and every one of our employees with respect and dignity. 

At Dermagram INSTITUT, we are committed to supporting the community and society through volunteer work and supporting local charities, and reducing our carbon footprint within our capabilities. As advocates of natural beauty, we seek to preserve the beautiful planet we live in and helping where we can. 

Simple Healthy Beauty

Advanced treatments combining innovative technology, expert knowledge and high performance natural ingredients, at Dermagram INSTITUT, you can rediscover beautiful and healthy skin from within.


Our Promise to You

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Pure & Innovative

Natural, clinically proven  European skin care, and high performance and safe beauty equipment.

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Professional Training

To provide you with safe and professional beauty services.

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Quality Service

We are attentive to your needs, and serve every customer from the heart.

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No Hard Sell

We select the right beauty treatments for you, and take care of your real needs.

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We conduct business with high ethical standards with clear and transparent pricing.

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