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The product is developed for severe hair loss and thinning hair.

The essence contains 100% high-concentration hair follicle nourishing patented ingredients (PHT Complex), which is made with 2-stage patented technology, specially designed essence container, just press a button, the taurine powder will be mixed into the essence, instantly Activates the active ingredient so that a more precise dose can be used and the best efficacy and quality of the product is ensured.

- Supplement nutrients to scalp and hair follicles to reduce hair loss
- The product must be used continuously for 3-6 months to ensure enough time to repair the hair follicles and promote hair regrowth.
- 6 months of continuous use, 14,000 hair growth*

*2014 University of Labeck Dermatology Clinic In Vitro Study
*In-vltro study at the clinic of dermatology, University of Labeck, 2014

PHT Elixir

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